Be a Home Stager

Home staging is an excellent business opportunity if you’ve been looking for a way to use your creativity every day – and get paid very well for it!

As a professional home stager you’ll be facing new challenges with every project, so you won’t get bored. In real estate, staging homes for sale means less market time and higher sale prices. You’ll be providing a beneficial service you’ll find rewarding.

As a home stager, you’ll be in control of your own schedule with the ability to scale back or take vacations whenever you want to.

Home stagers lead an enviable lifestyle – if you’re passionate about color, design, arranging spaces, and pulling rooms together visually.

I’ve had so many people ask me questions about becoming a home stager I decided to design a comprehensive home staging training program that you can complete at home.

If you’ve read this far, you’re interested in home staging because you’re probably creative and good at design. You don’t have to be a “master” – you just have to have a knack for it. This is the staging training program that will give you the information you need to build a successful home staging business.

Whether you are starting out or starting over, home staging is an excellent business; when you look at the low start-up costs and the high potential earnings – home staging is hard to beat.

Before we go on, I’d like to address the issue of home staging certification. There is no special home staging certification of any kind; anyone who tells you anything different is trying to sell you something. You don’t need any initials after your name whatsoever to start a business staging homes.

Since home staging has no industry-wide standards it is up to the home staging courses & training programs to make sure that the stagers entering the business are providing a quality service. We need to protect the integrity of the home staging business by having qualified professionals representing us as an industry. That’s the goal of our home staging course here at the Staging Source.

Our home staging course is different from many other home staging training programs because we go out of our way to make sure you succeed in your home staging business. We’re here for support, advice, or coaching via email during and after the training program – for as long as you need us. We also keep The Staging Source Members “in the loop” with our informative Staging Source Newsletter, which will allow you to learn from other home stagers as you build your own home staging business.

With our unique home staging course, you’ll get:

  • all of the house staging information you need to make dramatic improvements to any home
  • the marketing know-how to get your phone to ring
  • support, help, and expert home staging advice just an email away anytime (for no extra fee)
  • the nuts and bolts of the home staging business – what you need to get started
  • home staging business forms and checklists that will help you make quick work of your staging projects
  • knowledge of the basic principles of decorating and color for staging homes

Our home staging training course will also give you:

  • free Member listing on The Staging Source Network page ($79/year for non-Members)
  • information on vacant home staging
  • easy home staging instructions you can follow even if you’ve never decorated before
  • ideas for minimizing location problems like noise and unsightly views
  • the information you need to present yourself professionally and effectively as a home stager
  • action steps to take to get your first home staging client
  • marketing material that you can personalize and use for your own home staging business, including letters to agents and homeowners as well as web site copy

We also send all of our new Members a free bonus gift to welcome you to our home staging community.

When you sign up for our home staging course you’ll receive the staging business forms and home staging training handbook via email. We’ll also send you a print copy of The Staging Source home staging course handbook free via Priority Mail, along with your welcome gift.

The Staging Source is proud to offer this opportunity for home-based home staging training.