Home Staging Tips for Curb Appeal

Power wash all driveways and walkways. You can hire someone to do it or you can do it yourself with rented equipment. If it isn’t in the budget wash as well as you can with a regular garden sprayer.

Wash the outside of the house with a regular garden sprayer, carefully. You don’t want to blast the paint off, which can happen easier than you might think. Be mindful of cracks/openings in windows and doors.

Clean around eaves. Remove cobwebs and nests. You may have to use a broom as well as the garden sprayer.

Replace the mailbox if needed, or freshen it up with paint.

Replace, repaint, or polish house numbers.

Replace dated outdoor light fixtures if you can; if the budget is tight spend only on the fixture by the front door. If you’re not replacing fixtures, clean them and make sure they function properly.

Add fresh hanging baskets full of colorful flowers to your front porch/door area. Potted flowers placed by the door also work well as long as they do not crowd the entrance. It is inexpensive and easy to buy these in full bloom and ready to go from large garden centers.

Freshen up the front door with a good cleaning and, if appropriate, a fresh coat of paint. If it will work with the color scheme of the home, a red front door can really make the home stand out.

Clean the windows inside and out.